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I missed you, Livejournal

You were of a simpler time when I was happier. I miss sporking and talking about books and thinking of how far I could go in the years ahead.

And here I am. EXCITING.

I beat NaNoWriMo from last year, so I suppose that something to be proud of. I might post about it here if anyone is still listening. I've grown and matured and become a better person, for sure.

If you're genuinely interested in my talky-talky bs then you can follow my tumblr: spookylita.tumblr.com

Otherwise, this account is just for getting feedback for and buying clothes.

Which I'm going to do right now because I'm sad and I feel like a failure and I have extra money and also I've been super responsible and careful and did I mention how sad I am? I'm very sad. Pretty much all the time. If there is ever a picture dictionary, my face will be next to the word sad.


That awkward moment when you realized you've been abused your entire life.

I mean, it's not a fun thing to realize and all, but it explains my writing.


(I've posted on Tumblr too much so this is going here, instead)


whining about shipping.

I HATE waiting for packages. HAAAAAAAAATE

I got my destressed Batman tee and my skirt shipped. My purse shipped ahead of schedule so that's nice. All I need is to make a new petticoat and bat headband and batlita will be unleashed! But seriously, I want my stuff! I just bought a couple pairs of socks with flowers on them and they shipped this morning. 

Oh man, what's gonna happen when I order brand for the first time? I predict crying as I wait by the door.

Finals are almost over. I just have one more and it's a presentation.

Psycho vs. The Birds

I think the first half of Psycho is much stronger than the first half of The Birds. Psycho feels controlled 100% of the time, with every shot and piece of dialogue being deliberate, all coming together to say something and utilizing all elements of film to do so. The first half of The Birds feels just a tiny bit padded, with a few lines of dialogue that weaken otherwise tense scenes. That's not to say that it isn't a brilliant film, but it feels a teensie bit meatier that Psycho. An example would be when the children are attacked at Cathy's birthday party. One of the kids says "look!" just as the first bird attacks. Given my knowledge of Hitchcock, he seems the type who would opt to remove that dialogue and allow the actors to look for us. As the birds swoop around causing a frenzy, the teacher yells "Help me get the children into the house." Again, given Hitchcock's penchant for removing as much dialogue as possible, especially is scenes of tension and suspense, it seems odd that he would leave such a no-brainer line like that in. Psycho used every bit of dialogue to it's fullest potential and turned music and poignant silence into the "dialogue" that explained what was going on.

The Great Return?

I abandoned Livejournal for Tumblr but, given it's addictive nature, I abandoned Tumblr for studying. In fact, I am halfway through a 15 page paper that is due tonight (oh, when will I ever learn?) and I think I've spammed my facebook enough. Though, I do plan to get a new tumblr and will link it here, I think livejournal is as good a place as any for me to just talk. Just. Talk.

First, I lost my copies of Beauty. There were technical issues (the first of many) and so I cannot finish the spork at present. I plan to, one day, just as I plan to MST all of Code Geass and make it through Eragon without wincing or getting angry. I've transferred to university and am one day away from completing my junior year there. The future job market looks...grim. My writing has improved leaps and bounds, despite me not doing nearly enough of it. Still, I've been officially published twice, though they were university publications, so take from that what you will. I left my old tumblr due to unwanted exposure and bullying at the hands of a rather unshakable user whom I shall not name. I also discovered a fashion that I not only like, but am willing to spend money on. I may post pictures at some later date.

I plan to talk about writing here, but I want to do so candidly, in a way that feels relaxed and open, so as to feel much more like a journal than rigid, academic blogging. I also want to talk about horror films, given that I've taken a leap into that business in the hopes that it may fund future endeavors of mine. It helps that I'm addicted to horror cinema, I suppose. I also want to use this space to talk about my current projects in a way that is open, freeing for me. If you have questions, feel free to ask. I'll probably be talking about Youth's Demise a whole lot, since it has taken center stage in my brain. And that's what the rest of this post will be about!

Right now, my biggest concern with YD is the fact that the secondary characters seem to overshadow the main character. My examination of this has forced me to develop him a lot more but the concern still looms. Though Tyler is really interesting now, he's not as popular as the others and get's overshadowed by his partner's more ostentatious personality. I'll probably have to tone things down a lot more and gauge audience reaction. I just hope people don't end up hating him.

Also, kinda wondering about the name similarities between two characters. It was supposed to be a symbolic tell (They have similar names on purpose) but it's also easy to confuse the two and it doesn't help that they occupy a lot of the same space together. It's kinda late to change their names, though. 6 or so years will solidify someone's existence enough to make it nearly impossible to change. I think it works well enough, as none of my friends or editors have too much trouble with most of the slip ups happening on my end. 

Also, man I wish I could have taken a picture of my professor's face when I told him I wanted to write comic books, not novels or short stories. Haaaaaaa...

Two stupid things before I go: I feel nauseous and haven't eaten because of it and my Demonia bat bag just shipped 6 weeks earlier than expected. 
1) I've been working on finishing one degree, transferring schools and getting ready to complete another.

2) Writing (I've been doing a lot of it)

3) Friends have been moving

4) School just finished. I am now looking for a summer job.

5) Too much activism! (Just did a bunch of feminist activism stuff OMG I am tired)
6) Other stuff.
Hopefully I will get back to updating the spork or just posting here. If not, we'll always have Paris~

It sucks when that happens

I totally had the urge to write today and was on a roll!  It was writing so much and barely taking breaks and I was so proud of myself.

Then I found out something.  Something that involved me and someone very close to me.  Something that involved someone very close to me trampling all over me and spitting on my trust.

I no longer had the desire to write.

Damn it.

What's on my mind

Dear future self,


Your past self

Post-it note challenge

I may cross post this in to Anti-Shurtugal after the holidays because it's a lot of fun and a community building exercise.

The challenge is to summarize your entire book into words that would fit on a post-it note. I took it a step further and also tried to make it funny. I also made a couple for a lot of my different books. Feel free to list yours in the comments and explain (if you feel you need to) what your story is about in more detail.

So basically, Title followed by one or several funny summaries or "alternate titles" (also, a lot of these titles are tentative and may not be the final title.  I suck big time at titles)

Youth's Demise
-The government wants you dead
-Sex, drugs and conspiracy theories

The Halls are Shifting
-Maybe those crazy people aren't crazy?
-diary of a schizo in denial

Love in Fog
-life without women sucks

-Technology won't fix human nature
-Rich people make bad sex slaves

-Next time, just let him fire you

Vostig Mountains
-You're actually an unholy half-demon spawn from Hell

Man in Shadow
-That really quiet kid is actually a badass

With Extreme Prejudice
-A gay sniper pisses of Homeland Security

Mask of Sanity
-Cute cannibal eats annoying girls 

Oh God, that was more fun than it should have been.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty chapter 4

 NSFW. May cause triggers, etc.

As silly as this statement is about to sound, here’s where things get weird.
Read more...Collapse )